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State and local governmental organizations are facing significant challenges resulting from increased pressures to do more with less. Budget shortfalls starting at the federal level are making their way into state and local governments, while increases in federal support are paired with expanded requirements for transparency and accountability. Our experience providing services to organizations serving the public sector gives us a unique knowledge and understanding of these challenges.

By providing accounting and auditing, internal control and governance, and consulting services to many public-sector clients, we are equipped with the tools to help you focus on your organization’s mission to provide services to your citizens, users and constituents. We appreciate the ins and outs of working with large institutions as well as understanding the audit environment for special-purpose governments engaged in business activities (such as school districts and universities).

Accounting Services we provide to the Governmental & Public Sector include:

Financial Audits
At Johnson Block & Company, we devote a substantial portion of our practice to providing audit services to governments around the state of Wisconsin. An audit provides the highest level of assurance and includes a close examination of the financial statements and a review of the internal controls of the organization. Many grant agencies and oftentimes state or federal regulation require audits of governments.


Single Audits
Depending on the level of funding and grant requirements, some organizations are required to complete compliance audits. These audits deal with the internal control and ensure that grantees are in compliance with all requirements of their funding agreements.


JBC also provides a large amount of review services to non-profits in Wisconsin. A review is geared towards an organization that does not need an audit, but would still like some assurance that the financial statements are free of errors. Reviews consist primarily of analytical procedures and inquiries of management to ensure there are no known material misstatements in the financial statements.


Compilations are less in scope than both audits and reviews. JBC can assist in the preparation of the notes and financial statements based on the information given to us by the management of the organization.


Agreed Upon Procedures
Agreed upon procedures are similar to program audits. Some organizations are small enough that they do not require a full audit but a funding source requires testing to be performed for certain accounts and transactions.


PSC Reports
JBC provides audit services to numerous PSC regulated utilities. Along with auditing the financial statements of the utilities, we can provide assistance preparing the annual reports required by the PSC for water and electric utilities.


PSC Rate Cases
When a utility raises its rates, a PSC rate case study is required under certain circumstances. JBC can provide assistance in compiling the information required for the rate case study, as well as providing support and representation when the rate case hearing is heard by the PSC.


DOR Reports
Municipalities are required to file a Form C with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue every year. JBC has extensive experience compiling the information for these forms and can assist in preparing and submitting the form along with other services that are performed.

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