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Non-profits change the world. We give them a hand.

Not-for-profit organizations fill critical needs in our communities, enhancing the quality of our lives. Driven by a mission, nonprofits must operate efficiently and maintain proper corporate governance and financial oversight.

Our goal is to be a trusted advisor, one who provides a full-range of services tailored to help you successfully navigate the complexities of your mission-critical activities.

Our extensive experience in the nonprofit community can provide you with practical solutions to your economic and operational challenges.

Our current non-profit CPA specialties include the following sectors:

  • Education
  • Environmental quality, protection and beautification
  • Foundations
  • International organizations
  • Museums and cultural institutions
  • Philanthropic organizations
  • Recreation and sports
  • Religious organizations
  • Social Services
  • Trade and professional organizations

Working with Johnson Block & Company assures you the competence that comes from historical non-profit CPA experience kept current by extensive continuing professional education and related association involvement.

Specialized Non-profit Accounting Services


Cash-flow budgets and forecasting
Counsel and representation in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Financial audits
Grant request assistance
Guidance in tax law changes and consequences
Preparation of all 990 Federal Tax Forms

Financial Audits
At Johnson Block & Company, we devote a substantial portion of our practice to providing audit services to non-profit organizations around the state of Wisconsin. An audit provides the highest level of assurance and includes a close examination of the financial statements and a review of the internal controls of the organization. Many grant agencies through state or federal regulation require audits of non-profits.

Compliance audits
Depending on the level of funding and grant requirements, some organizations are required to complete compliance audits. These audits deal with the internal control and ensure that grantees are in compliance with all requirements of their funding agreements.

Program audits
Some organizations may not require a full financial audit, but a funding source may still require a program audit. This is an audit of a specific program of your organization and does not look at the financial information of the entire organization.  These types of audits ensure that the organization is in compliance with the funding source’s requirements for the year.

JBC also provides a large amount of review services to non-profits in Wisconsin. A review is geared towards an organization that does not need an audit, but would still like some assurance that the financial statements are free of errors. Reviews consist primarily of analytical procedures and inquiries of management to ensure there are no known material misstatements in the financial statements.

Compilations are less in scope than both audits and reviews. JBC can assist in the preparation of the notes and financial statements based on the information given to us by the management of the organization.

Agreed Upon Procedures
Agreed upon procedures are similar to program audits. Some organizations are small enough that they do not require a full audit but a funding source requires testing to be performed for certain accounts and transactions.

Federal and State Tax Returns
To maintain tax exempt status, non-profit organizations are required to file an annual Form 990 tax return. JBC can assist in determining which type of form 990 your organization is required to file and assist in the preparation of the form. In addition, some organizations are required to register with the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing. JBC can assist in determining if you are required to be registered with DRL, filing the application, and preparing the annual Form 1952 that is required to be filed.

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